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The Interview | The Joyful World of Junona

For Petya Zeidler, creative director of Junona, the joy of seeing little girls’ faces light up when they wear her dresses is what drives her passion for design. “I adore the fact that my designs are creating lasting memories,” she tells us, “It brings me so much happiness to know that through Junona, I have the ability to make every girl feel like a princess.”


Junona's signature gossamer layers and light-catching details are much loved at Childrensalon, and we've had a close relationship with this award-winning Bulgarian brand for many years. We spoke to Petya about our very special friendship, the exclusive pieces she creates just for us, and where she finds the inspiration for her enduringly stunning creations.


Images by Junona and Childrensalon 

18 Mar 2024

"It brings me so much happiness to know that I have the ability to make every girl feel like a princess.


Petya Zeidler, Creative Director of Junona

A Close Friendship

Childrensalon was drawn to Junona's extraordinary creations from the moment we met.

Junona - Girls White Sequin Feather Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Gold Beaded Hairband | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Ivory Tulle Polka Dot Ruffle Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Pleated Gold Satin Dress | ChildrensalonJunona

At Childrensalon, we love to champion brands that capture our imagination and exemplify quality and attention to detail. Junona is a shining example, and it was at a children’s fashion fair in London that our founder's daughter, Michele Harriman-Smith, felt a strong connection with the brand. “It was a dream come true to finally meet Michele and the dedicated team behind Childrensalon,” remembers Petya, “her guidance and the positive connection between us have been invaluable ever since that day, laying the foundation for a wonderful partnership and allowing us to create amazing pieces together."

A World of Inspiration

Junona looks to nature and culture for their limitless creativity.

Junona - Girls White Crêpe Organza Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Beige Floral Tulle Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls White Floral Hairband | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Ivory Pleated Tulle Dress | ChildrensalonJunona

Junona was founded 23 years ago and prides itself on a longstanding reputation of impeccable craftsmanship and originality. But how does an established brand like this continue to innovate and stay fresh? The answer lies in Petya’s never-ending quest for inspiration, drawn from art, nature, and music. "Whenever I travel, I eagerly look for the beauty of unique flowers, vibrant colours in the sky, and diverse textures," she tells us excitedly. Ultimately though, it seems that the Junona customer is their greatest source of inspiration. “I'm always delighted to see anyone with a big heart and a genuine appreciation for our designs wearing Junona. Our creations are crafted for those who value elegance, sophistication, and quality, regardless of age or background," smiles Petya whose deep affinity with the Junona customer is palpable. “They are individuals who appreciate fine craftsmanship and seek out high-quality, eye-catching designs that set their little ones apart.”

Top-to-Toe Luxury

Beautifully crafted accessories are integral to the Junona look.

Junona - Girls Pink Satin Sequin Blouse | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Pink Sequin Trousers | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Ivory Floral Organza Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Pink Glitter Ball Clutch Bag (14cm) | ChildrensalonJunona

Junona’s breathtaking dresses are complemented to perfection by a meticulously designed range of coordinating accessories. A repeat item in the collection is a perfectly spherical bag that looks like an oversized pearl plucked from the ocean bed, and there are always plenty of jewel-encrusted hairbands and flower crowns for an ethereal look. “Accessories hold a sacred place within my collection as they serve as the final touch, completing the puzzle of my outfits," explains Petya, who adds that every bag, bow and hair adornment is timeless, versatile and designed for wearing time and time again.

Exclusively Childrensalon

The beautiful Junona dresses you won't find anywhere else.

Junona - Girls White & Gold Floral Organza Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls White Feather & Sequin Hairband | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls White Organza Brocade Dress | ChildrensalonJunona
Junona - Girls Pale Pink Tulle Dress | ChildrensalonJunona

Creative collaboration is hugely important to Childrensalon, and the limited-edition pieces created in partnership with Junona are always highly anticipated. “Our exclusive pieces for Childrensalon are seriously something else!” enthuses Petya, “They're super special because they show off Junona's unique and elevated style, but they're made just for the Childrensalon crowd. They’re adorned with exquisite details and crafted from premium materials with impeccable craftsmanship, making them absolute must-haves." And this season’s offering is just as beautiful as we’d imagined, from dream-like dresses with layers of tulle, perfect for a special occasion, to coordinating sets that will take her through a season of events in signature Junona style. Simply spectacular!


The Junona Collection

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